Sunday, 31 July 2011

Shoe Pains Semi-Explained

Remember these shoes?

They're back! As part of a fundraiser for the English National Ballet, who had their budget cut by $3.2 million, Christian Louboutin designed a new pair of his extreme ballerina heels. A size 37, one-of-a-kind, covered in Swarovski crystals, and unwearable...

But really, really pretty.

It brings to mind a larger question however: why am I, along with thousands of other women, willing to distort my feet, my body and my posture for the sake of wearing pretty shoes?  I do it on a regular basis.  At 5"9, I don't need the extra height.  I don't need the obvious foot, knee, hip and back pains the regular wearing of high heels can cause.  Is it just because they're pretty? I don't think so. There are more than enough stylish flat shoes out there.  I believe that the answer does lie in the heel height, in being higher up.  I admit, it's a confidence boost to walk with authoritative "click" of a heel and to be taller than usual.  I think of shoes as the integral finishing touch to any outfit and a heel gives both a literal and figurative boost to what you're wearing.  Heels add another dimension to your look.  They command attention and they remind me that I am worth paying attention to.  This strikes me as slightly sad, only because I don't know any guy that has to pull on platforms to gain authority.  I suppose women are the flashier gender of the human species, and heels are part of that uniform.  
To close, I'm going to get a little Oprah-ish here.  Don't dress for anyone else.  Dress for yourself, and put those heels on because they make you feel good emotionally, if not physically.

- Shannon

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