Wednesday, 13 July 2011

When Shannon Met... Nomadic State of Mind Sandals

About one month ago, I was in Manchester, TN for Bonnaroo, an absolutely amazing music and arts festival. It was hot, dusty, and awesome. It was also not ideal conditions for most footwear.  The sandals I had brought were rubber-soled, ankle wrap and black leather. Big mistake. They kept getting coated in dust and I didn't want to ruin the leather by washing them in water. But the vendors' section of the festival would soon offer a solution:
Enter Nomadic State of Mind Sandals!
These sandals are the best festival/summer footwear EVER. They are made out of rope and are machine washable.  I know rope doesn't sound very comfortable, but they mold to the shape of your foot so quickly and offer a surprising amount of support. At the festival, they were only $35 a pop and became one of the most popular vendor purchases.  Next to the Nomadic State of Mind tent was a pile of discarded flip-flops, which must have been so uncomfortable to stand in all day! Ditch the flip-flops people!  Wear Nomadic State of Mind instead! Buy yours here.

- Shannon

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