Monday, 25 July 2011

A Tribute to YSL's Tribute

I have long been obsessed with French fashion house, Yves Saint Laurent, now a brand as part of the Gucci conglomerate.  From the divine tailoring of the classic Le Smoking tuxedo suits, to the fabulous Mondrian dress, and the legacy continued by current head designer Stefano Pilati, I consider YSL to be nothing short of legendary.  Perhaps the most iconic shoe by YSL is the Tribute.  Produced in multiple seasons and available as a t-strap sandal, pump, boot, and Mary Jane, it's signature is a 1.5-inch platform with a towering 5.5-inch heel.  Candy for your eyeballs below:

Probably the classiest platform ever, right?
The t-strap in red.
Blue-soled black boot and pump with extra-skinny heel.

Vintage Tribute, so lust-worthy.

Ohmygod, this colour makes me so happy inside.

The Tribute has most recently been known for it's regular appearances on celebrity feet, which makes a lot of sense.  True to YSL, no matter what colour or style the Tribute is produced in, it represents the understated glamour and season-less style that the fashion house was known for.  They are the only skinny stiletto heels that I truly love, as I prefer stacked or wedge heels.  While I generally find that stilettos make the wearer look vulnerable, these shoes convey nothing but a feline sense of power, and I'm cool with that.

- Shannon

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